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If you are interested in having the Children of the Camps Documentary and Educational Project present a workshop, training or screening to your group or community, please contact:

Dr. Satsuki Ina
(916) 947-5194

You may consider the following workshop format options:

1) General Question and Answer - screening + 1 hour

Objective - to increase understanding about the long-term psychological and familial impact of the WW II incarceration of Japanese Americans.
- larger audience (50+, theater style seating)
- mixed group
- general interest/education objective
- considering use of film for group-specific objectives

2) Dialogue Group - screening + 2 hours

Objective - to facilitate discussion and increase understanding between individuals and groups regarding the long-term psychological and familial impact of the WW II incarceration of Japanese Americans.
- mid-size audience (<50, moveable chairs, break-out rooms)
- group-specific objective: intergenerational, Nikkei only, cross cultural, family members, specific organization, multicultural MIS/resisters

3) Workshop Intensive - screening + 7 hours

Objective - to facilitate a process of healing for individuals and families who have identified the long-term psychological and familial impact of the WW II incarceration of Japanese Americans.
- small group (10-15, all day facility use)
- personal/familial healing objective: intensive all day experience of sharing, uncovering, witnessing, feeling, releasing, understanding, committing in order to begin personal healing

4) Training for Mental Health Professional/Students - screening + 4-8 hours

Objective - to increase cultural sensitivity and understanding of racism from a clinical perspective.
- mid-size group (25-50, moveable chairs, break-out rooms)
- training-specific objectives: cultural competence, multicultural counseling, counseling Asian Americans/Japanese Americans, psychology of racism, race relations.

You may fill out this form online, print, and send by fax to:

Contact Name:
Street Address:

Your preferred workshop format (check one):
General Question and Answer (screening + 1 hour)

Dialogue Group (screening + 2 hours)

Workshop Intensive (screening + 7 hours)

Training for Mental Health Professionals/Students (screening + 4-8 hours)

Requested date(s) of screening/workshop
(please list alternative dates in order of preference):

Proposed Time of screening/workshop:

Screening/workshop will be open to the public? (check if yes)

If open to the public, could we list this event on our Web site? (check if yes)

For events not open to the public, may we publish the details on our Web site after it’s over? (check if yes)

Event location (provide complete address):

Cost for attendance, if any:

Anticipated number of participants:

Audience profile (i.e., church members, college professors, mental health providers, senior citizens, etc.):

Type of facilities available:

Number of breakout rooms available, if any:

Is TV and VCR or projection system available? (check if yes)

If yes, please describe:

- size of screen

- format of tape needed:

Would you like any of the following written materials to help facilitate your outreach or publicity?
(check all that apply):

Children of the Camps brochure(s)

Community Education Workshops information

Video distribution/purchase information

Master flyer w/space for your organization’s event

Newspaper articles

Press releases

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