Please reproduce this Guide and help publicize Children of the Camps!

Children of the Camps
Outreach Guide

Be a part of the national PBS broadcast!
Starting May 1999
(Check your local PBS station for dates & times)

The national broadcast of Children of the Camps provides an unprecedented opportunity to encourage millions of Americans to examine an infamous chapter in American history, and to begin at last the healing process from the wounds of racism suffered by Japanese Americans during WWII, as well as all Americans.

Here are the ways you can help publicize Children of the Camps and use the program in your community. Please do as much as you can!

"We must never again allow institutionalized racism
to destroy the lives of our fellow citizens."
Warren Robbin Ware, President, Sacramento Chapter, NAACP

Contact your PBS station . . .

Your local station can be a valuable resource and an ally in local publicity and outreach efforts.

  • Confirm with your local PBS station if and when it will broadcast Children of the Camps. The program will be offered to PBS affiliate stations to record via PBS's National Programming Service on April 26th. Stations will then decide whether and when they will air the program. Call your local station. Encourage them to air it if they are not yet planning to. Please let us know your station's broadcast plans by calling or e-mailing us so we can publish that information on our Web site and encourage local media to review the program.

  • Ask the station to work with you to hold a special preview event, where local groups are invited to view the program in advance of broadcast and encouraged to help publicize and use the broadcast. Contact the Outreach Director at the station. Help the station come up with a list of groups to invite (college and university, church, health professional, JACL, etc.). At the preview event, encourage groups to promote the program to their members and plan a group viewing or other events. Hand out copies of press releases.

  • Call the station's program guide editor and ask him/her to feature Children of the Camps, the Documentary, in their printed guide or on their Web site (a program logo is available on the PBS web site). Tell them they can get a sample article about Children of the Camps from the Children of the Camps Web site (see below), and a special Web site "button" from PBS Online. Also ask them to consider doing a profile of a local individual that was interned in one of the internment camps, or a local organization that exhibits internment artifacts or artwork, or a local oral histories organization.

  • Consider buying underwriting time on your local NPR station. On many NPR stations a group or individual can get low-cost 15-second underwriting spots that will permit you to mention your group name and the fact that you are helping to publicize the broadcast of Children of the Camps, including the exact broadcast times. Contact your local station for guidelines and rates.

Publicize the broadcast . . .

There are many different ways to help get the word out about the broadcast. Be creative!

  • Announce the broadcast and Children of the Camps Web site in your group's newsletter or mailings. Use the press release on this site to write an article. Include the details on your local station and broadcast times, and any events you may have planned around the broadcast.

  • Use the Internet (e-mail, Web sites, listservs, user groups, etc.) to publicize the broadcast and any activities you or your group may have planned around it. Send e-mail messages to your group's members, your friends, family, et al. (see the following sample). Post announcements on newsgroups or listservs you may be a part of. Keep messages short and to the point, and personalize them as much as possible. Timing the delivery of your message is important so people don't forget. The week prior to broadcast is probably best (unless you are inviting people to a group viewing.) Ask recipients to forward the message on to everyone they know that has e-mail, so it has a multiplying effect that could reach many thousands. If you have a Web site, please include a notice on your site about the broadcast, with a link to the Children of the Camps site at www.children-of-the-camps.org.

Sample E-mail Announcement (copy, adapt and send):

"Hi! I wanted to make sure you tuned in to the upcoming national broadcast on PBS of a new documentary with great relevance to us all.

Titled Children of the Camps, this powerful documentary program is the first to share the experiences and long internalized anger, grief and shame felt by Americans of Japanese ancestry who were innocent children when interned in U.S. concentration camps during World War II. It also presents some ideas for how we can begin to talk to each other and our children about the experiences of those who were interned in camps and come to a better understanding of how this trauma manifests itself in all of us, after over 50 years of silence.

Children of the Camps will air beginning in May of 1999 on most PBS stations (check your local listings to fill in your local info).

I'm inviting people over for a group viewing to talk about the program and what we can each do. We'll get together at (time) at my place at (address). Please come join me, or plan your own group viewing.

You can visit the Children of the Camps Web site at http://www.children-of-the-camps.org to learn more about the program, the broadcast schedule, get a viewer's guide, provide feedback on the documentary and find related Internet sites.


Use the program to motivate . . .

Help people take the first steps to a better understanding of the Japanese American experience during World War II and its ongoing impact.

  • Have a group or family viewing and encourage others to do the same. A group or family viewing in your home or other setting allows people to discuss the program, the documentary's impact on their lives, and what each person can do. Make the group viewing simple, comfortable, and meaningful. Have a potluck or dessert and tea. Be sure to use the enclosed viewer's guide, which includes sample discussion points and lists of resources and groups.

  • Host a community viewing event. Use a local church or meeting hall to invite people from your group or a variety of groups. Again, the viewer's guide will be helpful to focus discussion. The event can also be used to plan follow-up activities in the community. If the broadcast time isn't convenient, order a video copy of Children of the Camps to show at another time (see below).

  • Purchase video copies of Children of the Camps for ongoing education and outreach, or for sharing with friends, family and neighbors. Copies are available for educational, grassroots and home use from NAATA (National Asian American Telecommunications Association) in San Francisco at (415) 552-9550, or contact them by e-mail at: distribution@naatanet.org. Purchase of the program will ensure you have the proper rights to use it in the settings you wish, and will help provide the funds needed to continue the Children of the Camps Community Education Workshops and Training Workshops that are now being scheduled around the country.


Please report your activities to us. FAX or e-mail us to let us know about local publicity and outreach efforts around the broadcast and provide us with feedback.

To order materials . . .

A Viewer's Guide and copies of Outreach materials are available for your use. You can contact us for further information at:

Kim Ina, Associate Producer
Children of the Camps
2346-32nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116
E-MAIL: kimina@children-of-the-camps.org
PH: (916) 452-3008, FAX: (415) 566-3487
WEB SITE: www.children-of-the-camps.org

Children of the Camps Documentary and Educational Project is made possible by a grant from The California Endowment and was produced under the auspices of Asian Pacific Community Counseling.

Please reproduce this Guide and help publicize Children of the Camps!


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